DIY Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

DIY Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

In the beautiful landscapes of Lady Lake, Ocala, Wildwood, The Villages, Oxford, and Summerfield, Florida’s ever-changing weather can put a strain on your cooling system. To ensure that it’s running at peak performance, it should be maintained regularly. Follow our simple DIY tips to keep your air conditioning system, whether installed by an AC contractor or self-installed, working efficiently throughout the year.

Regularly Check and Clean your AC Filters

Your AC unit’s filters and coils will accumulate dust and dirt over time, which can block airflow and reduce the system’s efficiency. Regular cleaning is necessary for your AC to function properly. Check the filters every month and clean or replace them as needed. Not just air conditioning repair; these steps are a vital part of any AC service, including installations by trusted HVAC companies.

Be Sure to Check AC Coils and Fins

Outdoor condenser coils can also get dirty if the outdoor environment is dusty or has foliage nearby. Check the coil and clean it yearly to maintain the unit’s efficiency. Additionally, the aluminum fins on evaporator and condenser coils can easily be bent, which can block airflow. Using a ‘fin comb,’ these can be rearranged back into their original condition.

Scheduled Maintenance with an AC Contractor

Some tasks are more complicated and are best left to professionals for your personal safety and for the AC unit’s performance. An experienced AC contractor can deal with tricky issues like coolant level checks, mechanical wear-and-tear, and electrical problems. By signing up for a maintenance package with a respected AC service, you can prevent expensive AC repair costs in the future.

Properly Shut Down and Power Up Your AC for the Season

At the end of a cooling season, cover your outside unit to prevent debris from getting in. When firing up the AC system for the hot season, make sure the system is turned off and clean any debris that has gathered on the outside unit. Once clean, you can turn it back on.

Understanding When an AC Installation is needed

If your AC is showing signs of extreme wear and tear, struggling to maintain a steady temperature, or your energy bills have increased dramatically, it could be a sign you need a new unit. Consulting with a reputable HVAC company is the first step to deciding if a new AC installation is necessary.

In conclusion, some routine checks and cleaning can help improve the efficiency of your AC system. Remember that Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc. is always ready to assist with professional AC service in Lady Lake, Ocala, Wildwood, The Villages, Oxford, and Summerfield, FL.